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Our Lodge History

On the 28th December, 1917, it was resolved that the greatest sympathy and condolence of the Lodge be recorded in the Minutes to the five Lodge Members each of whom had sustained the loss of a son in this Great War, viz. W.Bro. J. H. Hartley, W. Bro. M.R. Knowles, W.Bro. Mackay, Bro. Ascough Rodwell and Bro. Derry.
Finally to complete the History of the War Years, it is fitting to recall that early in 1920 United Grand Lodge inaugurated a ‘Million Fund’ to commemorate the Brethren who had fallen in the Great War 1914-1918, by erecting a large Masonic Hall in London. Our Freemasons Hall is the result of that appeal and is a worthy and noble remembrance.