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Our Lodge History

It had long been felt by the Barnoldswick members of the lodge that there was an urgent need for the formation of a new Lodge at Barnoldswick. Craven Lodge offered its full support and at the Lodge Meeting on 26th December, 1919, Bro. R.S. Windle presented to the W.M. The Petition of the Barnoldswick Brethren for the formation of a new Lodge at Barnoldswick to be known as Faith, Hope and Charity Lodge. The Petition was duly signed by the W.M. of Craven Lodge and his two Wardens and presented to the Deputy Prov. Grand Master. In March 1920, a Charter was granted by Grand Lodge for a new Lodge at Barnoldswick designated Faith, Hope and Charity No 4102 on the Register of the Grand Lodge of England. So our second daughter Lodge was born and thrived over the years with strong ties of friendship and fraternity with the mother Lodge and sister Lodge of Castleberg 2091.