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History of Craven Lodge 810 –

The content of this history section have been taken directly from a scanned copy of a book of which only 100 copies were printed. There may be some errors in the conversion but otherwise the book should be more or less as printed.


The Compilers of this History of Craven Lodge have, out of their innate kindness and generosity, asked me to write a foreword to the story, and although I have strenuously protested my unworthiness, they have insisted with the same diligence and perseverance which they have applied to the production of the book.

In my reading of the book, I am reminded not only of men who were outstanding Masons of my own early days, but of their dedication and commitment to the Principles instilled in them by their own predecessors and their strict adherence to those practices and customs. The History makes reference to the strictness of the tests for the selection of Candidates, which I think was surely a wise and necessary precaution as a guard to the future well-being of the Lodge. A similar procedure might well be pursued rigorously today when we should perhaps regard ourselves not so much as inheritors of a great tradition, but rather as Trustees and Guardians of Heirlooms which we are duty bound to pass intact and untarnished to our own successors.

Speaking from a still uncompleted apprenticeship approaching fifty years, I am convinced that Craven Lodge has for more than 120well and truly upheld all the fundamental Masonic Principles in their entirety, and has set an example of moral and civic conduct well worthy of emulation. I feel sure that the Higher Authorities are well aware and greatly appreciative of the contribution to Masonic progress made by Craven Lodge.

It is my sincere hope that our beloved Lodge will continue to flourish and to bring happiness to it’s Members who will, by their example, transmit it to their fellow creatures, and as a final tribute to this wonderful Institution, may I paraphrase the words of John Bunyan and say “Who would true Brotherhood see, let him come hither”.


P. A. G. D. C., P. P. G. W